What underwater species can you find on the shipwrecks?

Shipwrecks have become the refuge of many underwater species. Indeed, a wreck can be a favourable environment for the growth of certain species. Over the years, underwater plants such as algae have become attached to wrecks and the discovery of such species has been bringing great satisfaction to diving enthusiasts. Indeed, The Dominican Republic is a must-go destination for such discoveries!

What is a shipwreck?

A wreck is the hull of a wrecked ship. It is a ship that has run aground and been abandoned at sea or washed ashore. Various objects and underwater species can be found inside. The discovery of wrecks used to be made by divers and these are usually pirate ships. You can make huge discoveries inside a wreck always tell a story. Many valuable objects can be found there. In the Dominican Republic, there are many wrecks that can be visited by scuba diving. For more information, go to godominicanrepublic.com, the official tourism website of the Dominican Republic.

What underwater species can be found in a wreck?

For more than 70 years, shipwrecks have become the home of a diversified marine fauna, including groupers, conger eels, green moray eels, turtles, trumpet fish, manatees and sharks. It should be noted that a wreck really attracts fish, even large ones, despite the fact that it is an artificial habitat. Indeed, there are many plants and animals around a wreck, so food is abundant, which makes it a good spot for predators!

Why makes the Dominican Republic a must-see destination?

The Dominican Republic is one of the largest countries in the Caribbean and thus attracts many visitors all year round. It is located two hours south of Miami and about four hours from New York. The people of the Dominican Republic are lively and very welcoming. The country has rich biodiversity as well as a gorgeous beachfront. It is also home to fascinating shipwrecks where you can uncover numerous underwater species. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise island where tourists can appreciate unique vegetation, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking beaches. Not to mention the various activities one can enjoy on the island, such as scuba diving with the inevitable wreck tours.

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