Hoyo Azul, for a swim in the middle of nature

Published on : 29 March 20222 min reading time
Hoyo Azul, near Punta Cana is a place not to be missed during a stay in the Dominican Republic. This exceptional natural site is accessible after a short hike through tropical vegetation, orchids, cacti, exuberant ferns to reach a natural swimming hole. You can swim in the beautiful turquoise waters.

A natural attraction that you should not miss

Even if you only have a short time to discover the small Dominican Republic, a visit to Hoyo Azul or Blue Hole in English should not be missed. This natural site is of great beauty and you can spend memorable moments bathing and swimming in a natural swimming hole. This naturally formed sinkhole is bordered by steep limestone walls. It is reached by a wooden staircase lined with tropical vegetation typical of the Dominican Republic. Mother Nature has created conditions here that are rarely seen in other lakes and inland basins. You can get to Hoyo Azul from most hotels, which organise shuttle buses with different departure and pick-up times, returning to your accommodation at the end of the day. Even if you are a traveller in a hurry, it will be very easy to get to this popular attraction for foreigners and locals alike.

Hoyo Azul, a natural treasure

Hoyo Azul is well worth a visit, as you won’t see anything like it anywhere else. This natural hole is 15 metres deep and looks like a majestic pool full of translucent blue water. Here time stands still and you won’t want to leave. The rocky floor is completely visible and you will feel as if you are in a unique clear water environment. You can swim, dive and snorkel. The water may seem cold at first, but the body soon gets used to it. Don’t forget to take a towel with you to dry off when you get out of the water.

Some practical information

It is possible to get to Hoyo Azul at any time, as a shuttle service operates throughout the day. Visitors to the site have the option of taking a guided tour of the surrounding caves. They can also book a zip-line along the cliffs of the site. There are also several climbing routes to discover the site in a different way.

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