Ways to have fun with your family at Rad Park

A breath of fresh air and good weather is a fun plan to start your holiday and spend quality time with your family. Your town, village, or a city near you should have a small natural setting (if not a park) in which you can have fun and escape from everyday life.

Make a work of art with your children!

Take a walk in the park and collect stones and dead leaves and branches from the ground. Note that in summer, few leaves fall to the ground and wildflowers are still blooming, so don't pick up useless objects that could harm the flora and biodiversity. With what you have at hand, draw a picture of a mandala, a butterfly or the sun with your children. The interesting thing about this nature-based activity is that it requires no prior preparation, but a just little imagination, patience and time. Making a work of art outdoors keeps both young and old busy and can take hours and hours, but the results are often very beautiful. Your lovely artworks are guaranteed to stun walkers in the park.

Relax under a tree

Want to relax under a tree? Suggest that your children go to the park outside opening hours to relax. Sit in the corner and find your peace. The aim is to close your eyes and breathe through your belly. Relax and listen to what is going on around you. Ask your child to identify pleasant natural sounds, focus on them and feel them. Birds, buzzing insects sounds and the smell of plants on your surroundings can all be enjoyed. Lie down or cross your legs for ten minutes and take turns discussing your feelings with your eyes open. Bonus tip: take a yoga break and tell your fellow enthusiasts a good story!

Play with the ball

Take a ball or two with you. Going to the park is usually an opportunity to get some exercise. The advantage of a ball is that you can play as many games are possible. To get a better feel for the ground, put your bare feet on the grass (plan to take small steps to see if there is anything that can hurt your feet), then arrange, for example, some quizzes: stand cross-legged or in a circle and ask the player who receives the ball questions like what colours are the daisies? How many people are wearing red T-shirts? Can you name a tree in this park? Then throw the ball to him/her, and he/she has to react within 5 seconds or have to run around a little bit (set boundaries beforehand)

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