Take a gourmet and cultural break at Chocomuseo

There are few people who don't like chocolate. If you are planning a trip to Berlin in the near future, you should take the opportunity to learn more about chocolate production, starting with the cocoa bean. The chocoMuseo Berlin is sure to please you and is now a must-see in the German capital.

Enjoy a delicious gourmet break

For those who have not yet experienced it, a visit to a chocolate museum is a delicious experience, both literally and figuratively. As soon as you walk through the door, the delicious smell of chocolate wafts through your nostrils. The first thing you see is a machine that stirs up the creamy chocolate. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, you'll be tempted to dip your finger in. You can learn all about how cocoa is made, the different types, the varieties of beans, etc. You will be able to taste a bean and you will see that you would never have imagined that it would taste so good.

The cocoa manufacturing phase

There are chocomuseo in several major South American cities and also here in Europe. Whichever museum you choose and even if you have to go further, your efforts will be amply rewarded. The activity is greedy and fun and you will even have to use your muscles to make a cocoa paste which is the basic step. You can spend a whole day creating this creamy paste that has an enveloping, almost intoxicating scent, you might say.

Tasting of a myriad of chocolate products

Any visit to Chomomuseo ends with a host of tastings that will delight your taste buds: chocolate bars, chocolate jams, cocoa liqueurs with a variety of flavours, for example cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, mango, etc. The products are special, but what they have in common is that they are extremely tasty. On a practical level, it is recommended to book the tours, guided tours and workshops of the chocomuseo in advance. In case of unforeseen circumstances, no need to worry about this as entrance tickets are fully refunded. You can also take part in workshops on chocolate, which will no longer hold any secrets for you, from the seed to the bar to the chocolate bar. You can also take part in cooking classes where chocolate will be the king of the game.

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