Punta Cana

The famous resort town promises you unforgettable experiences!

Between leisure, passion for the sea and absolute fun, a holiday in Punta Cana relaxes the body and mind. This city at the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic seduces travellers with its miles long beaches and crystal clear waters. To learn more, we recommend you visit Go Dominican Republic and enjoy a tailor-made Punta Cana travel guide detailing the must-see spots and giving you unique travel ideas, including visits to water attractions, festivals and cultural events.

Travel & Discovery

Punta Cana, the land of relaxation

A dream destination off the Caribbean coast, Punta Cana has a myriad of wilderness adventures in store for its visitors. Indeed, the city harbors many luxurious hotels, beaches, and heavenly spots in the shade of coconut trees.

The treasures
What are the main attractions in Punta Cana

Punta Cana offers a wide range of attractions between horse riding, roadtrips, kitesurfing, fishing villages, private villas and diving sites.

the land of relaxation

Travel questions

Before leaving for the Dominican Republic

When is the best time to go

When is the best time to go?

The ideal travel season for a weekend in the Dominican Republic is generally between December and April.

What budget should you plan for

What budget should you plan for?

The travel budget is calculated according to the number of people, the type of accommodation and the use, or lack thereof, of tour packages.

What about bookings

What about bookings?

The travel agency takes care of the necessary bookings: hotel reservations, air tickets, means of transport, etc.

Playa Blanca, the meeting place for relaxation and food lovers

Honeymoon, love trip, family holiday or company outings, whatever the reasons for your stay in the Dominican Republic, a detour via Playa Blanca is a must! Being considered a water sports hub and a foodie’s paradise, this dream destination within the Puntacana Resort & Club has everything needed to appeal to Caribbean travel enthusiasts. The main restaurant in the area offers privileged access to all water sports enthusiasts and leisure activities lovers, be it paddleboarding, kitesurfing, scuba diving, or snorkeling.


Playa Juanillo

Heaven on earth!

Postcard-perfect sceneries can be found at Playa Juanillo, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Dominican Republic. Known for its iridescent turquoise waters and gigantic palm trees, Playa Juanillo produces colour contrasts that are unique in the world. It also offers many entertainment spots to get off the beaten track thanks to its bars, restaurants and clubs dedicated to beach activities.

Physical activities

Treat yourself to the ultimate thrills!


Experience the pleasures of kitesurfing in the pearl of the Caribbean!

Swimming in the wilderness

Swim near some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean!

Buggy tours at Scape Park

Enjoy buggy tours around some gorgeous amusement parks!


Unmissable spots

Scuba diving in Caribbean sea

When it comes to scuba diving in RD, it doesn’t matter whether you travel in the summer or winter, as it’s a year-round activity. Indeed, travel arrangements should include scuba diving equipment at best. Some clubs also provide diving equipment for visiting tourists.

Diving on the south coast

Discover Catalina Island, the best diving spot south of Punta Cana, protected by a large coral reef.

Diving on the west coast

Visit the most beautiful diving spots in the Caribbean, including the wreck of the Monica, the seabed of Saona Island and Bayahibe.

Diving on the north coast

Experience diving in Sosúa and head to Puerto Plata if you consider yourself a more experienced diver. The famous Samaná is also in this area!

Wilderness trip

Conquer nature!

A wilderness trip in the heart of the Dominican Republic allows you to discover numerous plant and animal species as well as breathtaking landscapes.

Plant species

More than 8000 species of tropical plants are waiting for you to discover them, including orchids, flowering plants, aquatic plants, algae and mangroves.

Animal species

Uncover a unique terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, including alligators, pink flamingos, reptiles, fish, whales and crustaceans.